The Ventura Memorial Flight Association was formed as a registered Canadian charity in 1987. The associations main objective is the restoration, preservation and demonstration of a 1943 Lockheed Ventura aircraft. The Ventura is a WWII twin engine Bomber/Reconnaissance aircraft

The associations Ventura served in Western Air Command during the war with 149 BR Squadron R.C.A.F Based at Pat Bay, BC, Annette Island, Alaska and Terrace, BC.

To that end the association intends to restore the Ventura in it’s possession to it's original WWII flying condition, complete with appropriate squadron markings and identification.

This aircraft will serve as a tribute to the contributions that crews of the Western and Eastern Air Commands, as well as R.C.A.F. Ventura crews overseas made during WWII.

After the war, our aircraft was reconditioned for use by the Gunnery Flight at Trenton. It was put up for disposal in 1951. When Ventura 2195 was decommissioned and sold to Spartan Air Service of Ottawa under the registration CF-FAV, and was used for airborne survey work in the North West Territories. In 1953 CF-FAV crash landed approximately 50 nm North of Yellowknife, where it sat for 35 years.

In the summer of 1988 the aircraft was recovered from the crash site by members of the Ventura Memorial Flight Association with the assistance of 447 Squadron C.A.F.

The Ventura was air lifted to Yellowknife, barged to Hay River N.W.T. and towed to Canadian Forces Base Edmonton, Lancaster Park, for storage until a suitable facility for the restoration process could be found.

In 1991 the City of Edmonton provided a facility in the form of the 418 (City of Edmonton) Squadron hanger. The restoration process has started, and with continued support from all sources, the process will continue until the Ventura is once again airborne.