CF-FAV In the weeds, where we found her.
Inspection of aircraft CF-FAV

Research into aircraft individual and type history - beginning of world-wide correspondence. Realization of rarity of aircraft.

Ventura Memorial Flight Association formed as non-profit organization to salvage aircraft CF-FAV. Begin regular meetings.

Visit to George Ventress at his farm near Brighton, Ontario, to discuss Ventura aircraft he has obtained and scrapped from Crown Assets.
Regular meetings and correspondence with Ventura air and ground crew continues.

VMFA catalyst in GNWT legislation of policy for recovery of "relatively recent artifacts".

Contract agreement with GNWT for recovery of aircraft.

Aircraft registration reserved (CF-ZMR, from wartime squadron code ZM and aircraft individual letter R).

June 18 - recovery of aircraft by 447 Squadron CH-47 as exercise with 1st Air Service Battalion, Calgary, with support from VMFA members and NWT Air.

June - August, lift aircraft onto main gear, dismantle by VMFA members with assistance of NWT Air, Buffalo Air, Conair and RCMP Air Division. Wheels shipped to Edmonton by NWT Air for servicing. Fuselage moved by road to Giant Mine docks by Robertson Trucking, lifted onto barge, taken to Hay River by NTCL, and stored in their yard.

October - Vehicles and equipment arrive in Hay River to tow fuselage to Edmonton. Stored at CFB Namao
1989 - 1990
Continued meetings and correspondence. Start of group newsletter.

VMFA registered as charity with Revenue Canada, and with Alberta Corporate Registry.

Feature article on aircraft and recovery in Air Progress Warbirds, Vol. 10, No. 4.

Movement of wings, engines and other components from Yellowknife to storage in Edmonton by NWT Air and NWT Transport.

Donation of Ventura parts from Ray Geir, Muir Lake, Alberta

Final cleanup of crash site, included mapping of site and location of items recovered, sweep of site and debris trail by metal detector, and check of lake by mask and snorkel.

Join Edmonton Aviation Heritage Society (EAHS), assist in acquiring #11 Hanger at Municipal Airport from City for museum.

Sent VHS tape of recovery of aircraft to 8 BR reunion.

Continued research into Ventura aircraft, begin gathering documents and tools required for restoration.

Donation of Ventura and Hudson parts from Ventress farm, courtesy of Mrs. Ventress.

Access to #11 Hangar (ex-BCATP, RCAF 418 Aux. Squadron) for use as museum.
VMFA provided personnel for cleanup of hanger, installation of sprinkler system, and construction of Museum and Air Cadet drill hall. VMFA Ventura first aircraft in Museum, used for publicity.

Included as part of display for 418 Squadron 50th anniversary. VMFA also took part in several mall displays as part of EAHS to promote new Museum.

Work done on aircraft components by NAIT students.

VMFA recovery featured on video Wings of Change, produced by Prince of Wales Heritage Centre. Project also featured on CNN news clip.

Visit to Australian War Memorial Historical Flight Ventura (ex RCAF #2221), Sydney, Australia, by VMFA member.
Besides normal activities the VMFA also participated in the Airshow '92 display at CFB Namao.

Sent copy of Lockheed Erection and Maintenance Manual and Lockheed Hudson cockpit section obtained from Ventress farm to Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum via Air Canada, Toronto.

VMFA member visits site of old Lockheed (Vega) plant, Burbank, California.

Material on recovery sent to reunion of ex-Spartan CF-FAV aircrew in Ottawa.
Complete microfilm record of Lockheed parts list and drawings obtained from Smithsonian Institute. Surplus microfilm and microfiche equipment obtained and reconditioned.

Correspondence with Jim Ricketts, Aero Nostalgia and SAAF Historic Flight.

Feature article on RCAF Ventura Anti-Submarine work in VP International -Maritime Patrol Aviation by VMFA member.

VMFA members attend reunion of VPB-146 in Pensacola, Florida. Collect oral history on behalf of VMFA and US Naval Aviation Museum
Contact with Louise Rushton, Merritt, B.C. regarding Ventura parts at her father's farm. Inspection of site and photographs.

Two expeditions to Busby farm, Merritt, B.C., recovers majority of internal fittings of RCAF Ventura G.R.V #2179.

Supply information to Public Relations Officer, NAS Whidby Island, Washington, regarding VPB-146 PV-1 wreck discovered on Mount Baker that summer.

Itemized work plan for disassembly, repair and reassembly of aircraft, based on Lockheed manuals, completed.

After extended construction work, Air Cadets moved out of VMFA restoration area, fuselage moved to restoration side of museum.
VMFA moves into permanent office at EAHS Museum, begin to bring material and equipment to restoration area. Begin computer inventory of parts recovered from various sites. Mobile cradle for aircraft built and fuselage mounted, work begins.

Inspection of ex-Spartan airfield at Pelly Lake, NWT by EPS and DIAND as part of Environmental Impact Assessment. VMFA supplied historical background material and member as part of inspection team. Photographs of Spartan Ventura and Mosquito aircraft artifacts taken.

Further oral history work for VMFA and US Naval Aviation Museum done at VPB-146 reunion at NAS Whidby Island, Washington.

Sent copy of Lockheed Illustrated Parts Catalogue to Queensland Air Museum, Brisbane, Australia, to assist with their restoration to static display of ex-RAAF Ventura recovered from farm.
Adoption of written restoration policy.

Join Lockheed Owners Association.

Computerized cross-reference software of Lockheed Illustrated Parts Catalogue, blueprints and VMFA parts inventory completed.

Attend Allied Aircrew Reunion in Toronto to gather oral history.

Obtained RAAF Ventura files from Australian National Archives.
The VMFA donated to Jim Ricketts, Aero Nostalgia, Stockton, California, Ventura parts recovered from Merritt, B.C. to be used in his reconstruction of a PV-1 for the National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, Florida. These included a spare canopy and escape hatch, and drop tank mounts.

Accessed the files of the National Archives and the Department of National Defense, Directorate of History concerning Ventura aircraft in RCAF service. In so doing, a working relationship established.

Contact established with the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa.
Obtained all the RCAF Record Cards of Ventura's in service from the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa.

Supplied the National Aviation Museum with copies of all armament related manuals in VMFA library ( 1000 + pages).

Contact made with Mr. D.U. Howard of San Antonio, Texas regarding post-war conversions of Ventura aircraft.

Ventura 2195's Data plate returned by John Decker. He removed it from the crash site the 1970's.

First of the Ventura fuel tanks sent to Hartwig Fuel Cell Repair in Winnipeg

Traveled to Eindhoven, Netherlands (Holland) where RCAF flags were placed on the graves of Canadians killed during a Ventura attack on the local Philips factory during WWII. Contact made with local historian, Ad Hermens.

R.C.A.F. Greatcoat and Uniform of F/O Keith Irwin Fletcher donated by Kate Fletcher.\
Agreement entered into with SPAR Aerospace and the outer wing panels transferred to their facility at Hangar 39, Edmonton Downtown Airport.

Received the TA-12C radio and other components. List of applicable radio and radar equipment developed.

Petsche Wire Company donates all wiring required for the restoration.

Byron Reynolds of the Reynolds - Alberta Transportation Museum in Wetaskiwin allows access to the museum's old radio storage.

Represented at the VPB-128 Reunion in San Diego, California.
Contact established and working relationship arranged with the new Government of Nunavut regarding relatively recent artifacts.

Attend the Aero Survey Reunion in Ottawa and meet many of the ex-Spartan Aerial Survey personnel. Painting of Spartan crest signed by attendees.

More vintage radios obtained for the restoration.

Lockheed - Martin Corporation allows proprietary rights of "Ventura" and "PV-1" to VMFA. They also establish a working relationship with the group by assigning a Technical Representative to the project, based in South Carolina.

First fuselage patching accomplished by Darren Paches.

Visit to our project made by the Liberal Cabinet Minister, Rt.Hon. Ann McClellan.

Visit to the restoration shops of the National Aviation Museum made. More correspondence entered into.
First of donated ASD/APS-3 Aircraft Radar Equipment secured thanks to John Szewcyk of Michigan, U.S.A.

Rare parts for the tunnel gun position and the radar/radio installation acquired from Charles Darby in New Zealand.

The book Lockheed Twins is published by Air Britain written by Peter Marson. He and his wife visit the VMFA at the Hangar prior to the books release.

Joe McBryan, owner of Buffalo Airways, opens his vintage radio stocks to the Association.

Learstar wing cradles are manufactured and flown to Nanisivik for the Western Canada Aviation Museum of Winnipeg. Air Freight courtesy of First Air.

Association contacted by the producers of NOVA with the WGBH Educational Foundation, Public Broadcast Station, Boston, MA. Assistance rendered for the production of a documentary concerning US Navy Ventura's flying into the Kurile Islands from Alaska during WWII.
Donated main radios for the CAF, Wisconsin Wing, PV-2D (BuNo 84060) project

John Swezcyk reconditioned ASD and APS-3A Radar components

Arnold Dayman machines small parts for the Tunnel Gun

Dennis Whitehead drives out from Ontario delivering parts to and from including donated parts from the Yankee Air Museum

Lancaster rudder pedal set delivered to Nanton Lancaster group

PV-1 book published this year by Alan Carey. It is filled with many pictures from the VMFA archives.

Association is represented at the VP-142 reunion

Taigh Ramey of Stockton California purchased Ex-RCAF Ventura #2226 and it’s wartime history was provided of all flights by this aircraft in 115 B.R. service from Tofino, B.C.

Alberta Aviation Museum Association provided with IPC manuals for Lancaster and B-25 Mitchell

Member Brian Samuel of Cold Lake continues to recondition original parts
- Parallax Films helped for their presentation “Bomber 31", a film about a U.S.Navy Ventura lost on the Kamchatka Peninsula as part of the Empire Express.

- Tunnel gun mount parts restored by Dan Jones.

- Mike Zoeller in England sent a ZB-2 unit for the radio restoration.

- ABK manual acquired.

- Cowl gill parts shipped to the Queensland Air Museum for their static Ventura restoration. Received from them tunnel gun parts and torpedo/depth bomb release control assemblies.

- Arnold Dayman receives the Tunnel Gun parts and reassembles the unit. It has a small plaque affixed dedicating it to the crew of the RNZAF Ventura it came from.

- Acquired significant NOS Ventura parts from Steve Penning while in California with the First Air Hercules.

- Famous aviator Scott Crossfield visits the project

- Patrick Martin publishes his book titled “RCAF Aircraft Colours and Markings 1947-1968" with material included from the VMFA archives.

- 100th anniversary of flight celebrated in hangar and broadcast nationally on CBC, CTV and Channel A.

- Established contact with restoration group at the Sanford-DeLand airport in Florida. They are restoring to static the U.S. National Naval Aviation Museum’s Ventura for display there.

- Contact made with W.S. ‘Rusty’ Hooper, former 149BR Squadron radio tech who donated his notebooks showing the exact radios installed in our aircraft while in RCAF service.

- CAF B-24 mechanic Steve Corbett is sent turret manuals for ‘Diamond Lil’.

- Frank Oakes contributes his colour films showing the Spartan Aerial Surveys Ventura’s during the 1954 photo season. DVD copy donated to the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife.

- Nose Radome and wingtip sent to the Sanford-DeLand restoration effort.

- Acquired complete set of Lockheed/Vega Service School notes.

- Lockheed Hudson E&M Manual acquired for reference.

- Tom Weber of Fort McMurray contributes .50cal. Barrel and jacket.

- Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum advised on the handling of their Hudson by film crews for an upcoming feature on Ferry Command. Our Hudson E&M manual copied and sent for reference.

- Assistance given to Memorial University in St.John’s Newfoundland regarding their excavation of Ventura 2169 crash site.

- Article written for Scale Aircraft Modeller regarding the Lockheed Ventura in Canada.

- Northern Wings Ventura theme model show in Hangar. VMFA donates a painted Ventura panel by Clarence Simonsen as first prize.

- Assisted a writer in California on the history of Ventura 2232 for a screenplay of a drug runners story.

- The Quebec group recovering Lodestar CF-CPA assisted with technical information.

- Chris Terry, Director of the National Aviation Museum visits and offers letter of support.

- Multiple veteran groups given tour of project.

- Computer system updated.

- Donation received from 700 Wing Association.

- Material emailed to Phil Listemann in France for a planned book on RAF Ventura’s.

- Assisted B-25 ‘Pacific Prowler’ crew with their enroute flight planning.

- Donation gratefully received from 700 Wing Association.

- Prairie Air Museum in Illinois helped with info on US Navy VPB-151 Squadron.

- Established contact with Don Dawson who visited the crash site of our aircraft’s squadron sister 2193 that disappeared on a submarine sweep during the war. Sent us pics of his visit there in 1983.

- Contributed to the memorial service ex-Ventura Vet Sam Higgans of California.

- Darren Paches completes the repair and restoration of the upper turret ring mount.

- Contacted by the Revell Model Corporation to assist in the construction of a 1/48 scale model of a Lockheed Ventura to be released in 2011. Our aircraft is used as the reference piece to assure accuracy.

- Acquired Ventura external fuel tanks from a hangar at the Boundary Bay airport in B.C. thanks to Carter Mann.

- Visit from Patrick Jeffery who’s Father flew Ventura’s with US Navy VPB-141.

- Sent author Larry Milberry ORB’s on WAC Ventura Squadrons for upcoming book release by CANAV Books.

- VMFA display at Gun Show Awarded Best Cooperative Display. Accepting were members Joost Van Ens and Darren Paches.

- Test mold of 1/48 scale Lockheed Ventura model completed by Revell Model Corporation.

- Two serviceable Ventura Oil Coolers acquired from Taigh Ramey of Stockton, California.

- Engine mounts delivered to Dan Jones in Lacombe for repair and repaint.

- Lockheed Field Service Facts notes acquired for our records.

- Vintage Wings F4U Corsair assisted with ignition parts from our stores.

- Queensland Air Museum helped on a continuing bases with blueprint copies and photos for their restoration.

- Scanned 90 % of the blueprints with borrowed Micro Film scanner.

- Alberta Community Spirit Program Donation Grant.

- VMFA display at Gun Show Awarded Judges Choice. Accepting were members Joost Van Ens and Darren Paches.

- Alberta Community Spirit Program Donation Grant.