Nov 01, 2003

Thanks to a windfall of old aviation manuals/instruments/parts, the Association has been able to pull money in to pay for our Hangar fees via E-bay. For all those interested you can look from time to time under the seller “hercrat”. Remember that all monies from sales go directly to the Association and it’s continuing work!

We have received a copy of a new self published book entitled “Royal Canadian Air Force, Aircraft Finish and Markings, 1947-1968" This is written by Pat Martin with John Griffin. You might remember John for his epic works “Canadian Military Aircraft: Serials and Photographs” and “RCAF Squadrons and Aircraft”, both highly sought out reference works. Patrick is a member of our CAF and an avid researcher of RCAF markings and finishes, a vocation that is reflected in this quality work. Concentrating on the post-war RCAF and prior to unification, this book covers all the RCAF aircraft in service at the time. Until the VMFA came along with our historical files and photo album, Pat feared that there would be a large gap in his Ventura section. That was not to be and the aircraft is well represented here. Our aircraft served in the post-war RCAF up until 1952 as a Bombing Gunnery trainer with #1 Aerial Armament School in Trenton.

The Association highly recommends this book to anyone interested in this kind of research!

A package arrive just recently from our friends at the Queensland Air Museum in Australia. They are rebuilding a Ventura GR.V A59-96 (BuNo 49555, s/n 6371) of their own that until recently served as a chicken coup. Their efforts to bring this rare aircraft back to static display condition has netted some spare parts which are excess to their requirement.

Thus they have sent some much needed tunnel gun springs and the lever assembly for releasing the Depth Charges/Torpedoes by the pilot. The parts have been sent to Brian Samuel in Cold Lake for reconditioning. These components were of course removed from our aircraft by AVRO in Malton when they converted it for the AAS. Finding them has been difficult but thanks to the generosity of our friends “down-under” we have more original fittings! In exchange we hope to be able to provide them with a set of cowl-gills if shipping can be secured.

VPB-151 visited the hangar once again! Harry Kiehl drove in from Seattle once again to view the project in a whirlwind tour. As always, we are more than pleased to welcome all “Ventura Vets” whenever they can make it! This also include relatives of said veterans. We welcomed Tom and Dave Fletcher this summer too. Their father, Keith, was a Ventura pilot posted to RCAF Squadron 145 BR and had donated his logbook and uniform to the Association. Now they brought in the Grandchildren from Ontario to show them a little of the family history and an aircraft type that their Grandfather flew. We encourage all families to consider visiting us if they are in the area so that we can share some of the historical data contained in our files. Also, there are not too many places one can see a real Ventura anymore!

At the time of writing we are still awaiting word from recent inquiries to SPAR Aerospace. We have had to hold restoration of structural components on the aircraft until SPAR has enough free time to work on them again. Remember, we are restoring the aircraft to airworthy condition and thus much has to be done and done correctly. Let us all hope that we can proceed with all due caution very shortly.

Until the next update: Tony Jarvis