Welcome to all the new and old quests to our reformatted website!

Thanks to the efforts of Ralph Riess, a relative ‘newbie’ to our project, we hope to present a more entertaining and informative location for all things Ventura. Please keep checking back as we will be adjusting and tweaking the site as time goes on. If any of our viewers have suggestions or links that may be of interest, please let us know!

I have taken it upon myself on behalf of the Association to ‘surf the net’ on occasion and review what people have posted about the Lockheed Ventura and the people that served on them. I can tell you that I have come across many gross errors and misunderstandings. Suffice to say that one could spend the better part of your spare time cruising and correcting!

Our Association has contributed significantly to a dozen published works on the aircraft and the people that served on them during and post war worldwide. That is part of our original mandate, to promote, preserve and further the knowledge of this aircraft’s contributions.

Why? Well that can be summed up with some of the statements we have received over the years concerning the type. Statements like “..patrol bombers never won the war” or “...they didn’t make many of them so why bother preserving it?” and even “.. Preserved aircraft are worthless, you have to hire someone to keep the dust off them and that costs money”. Talk about raising your ire!

However on the positive side we have received good comments like “..I never thought I would see another one...thank you for doing what others have forgotten about” and “...you have taken on a gigantic effort and I congratulate you on your tenacity”.

The other day one of our volunteers pointed out that with many restoration efforts the work is completed and the aircraft is rolled out in quick time fresh for the display season. However when the workers around these aircraft are questioned as to the history of that aircraft or others of it’s line they have no answers. The history, the stories of the aircraft and the people are considered secondary to the presentation of the aircraft.

Here at the VMFA this will not be the case. Our files are filled with personal memories and history of all the Ventura's in service worldwide. True, some of those files are a bit anemic however we are tenacious in our research and are always willing to hear from more people about their experience on the Ventura and it’s latter derivatives!

In future posts I hope to keep you informed of latest happenings around our hangar and encourage you to browse through our pages and links. Please contact us if you have any research or technical needs as well, we are always willing to help!

Until later:

Anthony T. Jarvis, President


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